Best Golf Play-and-Stay Packages in Australia for Friends & Family

Searching for a fun-filled way to explore the best golf courses in Australia, spanning from Perth, Western Australia, across to Melbourne, Victoria and beyond? Want to try something new and reconnect with friends and family? 

Look no further than the best play-and-stay golf packages available nationwide at Fairway Golf Tours

Thanks to our selection of top golf deals and vouchers, you can experience some challenging golf courses, breathtaking locales from South Australia to the Gold Coast, and world-class amenities in no time. 

Why Consider Play-and-Stay Golf Packages Available from Victoria to South Australia?

Whether you’re a fully-fledged golf enthusiast in search of your next challenge, or simply looking to share a special experience with your nearest and dearest, there are benefits for everyone when booking play-and-stay golf packages. 

At Fairway Golf Tours, we have a selection of top golf deals and vouchers available for courses across Victoria, South Australia, the Hunter Valley, the Gold Coast and more. Not only will you have access to a selection of renowned courses in the area, but also premium accommodation in nearby venues, dining options, spots to tourist hotspots, and so much more. In short, there has never been a better time to try golf experiences for your next holiday!

Here are some advantages of choosing stay-and-play golf packages for your next vacation. 

Enjoy Quality Golf Experiences with Convenient Accommodations & Vouchers

Travelling to try your hand at some of the nation’s favourite golf courses is a dream, but many people are deterred due to the added logistics behind the expedition. Stay-and-play golf packages ranging from Victoria to South Australia, however, allow you the convenience of making all your arrangements in one carefree travel plan. 

From finding accommodation right by the best golf courses to enjoying unlimited access to clubs and amenities, you can enjoy exciting, cost-effective travel options with top golf deals and vouchers available through play-and-stay golf packages.  

Discover Stunning Scenery with Golf Experiences from Melbourne to the Hunter Valley 

Whether you hail from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or the Gold Coast, there are endless scenic locations to enjoy across Australia with play-and-stay golf packages. 

Opt for top deals and enjoy golf experiences that embrace breathtaking views, all while leaving you time to go for a stroll or a meal with your friends and family. 

You can even use tailored golf vouchers to round out your trip with fun activities to take full advantage of your glorious surroundings. 

Play the Best Golf Courses Across Victoria, Sydney & More with Play and Stay Packages

Play-and-stay golf packages allow golf enthusiasts of all skill levels to access some of the best golf courses in Australia (often with long wait times) with incredible deals and vouchers. You can follow in the footsteps of the pros by exploring the best golf courses, or simply sit back and enjoy new golf experiences from Victoria to South Australia. 

In fact, when you choose stay-and-play golf packages with Fairway Golf Tours, you have access to top deals and locations spanning Melbourne to Perth, including: 

  • Our Hunter Valley tour presents championship-level challenges for those looking to test themselves and expand their golf experiences in the Hunter Valley and surrounding Sydney with stay-and-play packages. 
  • Melbourne Sandbelt Golf Courses & Tour Packages offer golf enthusiasts access to the most unique golfing destination in Victoria. With eight amazing courses on the outskirts of Melbourne, these custom-tailored packages cater for all skill levels.  
  • The best Golf Tours in Perth and Mandurah showcase why WA is becoming one of the top destinations for golf experiences. Enjoy the top 100 courses, expansive blue skies, and sparkling waves from the West Coast.
  • The best deals with South Australia Golf Tours, offering a customised golf experience packed with the top 60 golf courses, all within 15 minutes of one another. 

Reconnect with Friends & Family Throughout Play-and-Stay Golf Packages

Finding getaways that help to bring loved ones together without sending you over budget has never been more appealing. So, why not tour our great Southern Land with top golf deals and vouchers from the Gold Coast to Sydney to Perth?

These stay-and-play trips provide fantastic opportunities to reunite family and friends, forging new connections, revitalising old ones, all over a game you adore. Together, you can traverse world-class courses, experience local delicacies, and enjoy celebrated scenery that helps to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Find Top Golf Deals with Fairway Golf Tours Stay and Play Packages from Sydney to Hunter Valley 

So, if you are excited about discovering the advantages of stay-and-play golf packages from Victoria to South Australia to Perth, then what are you waiting for?

Contact our friendly team at Fairway Golf Tours to learn more about our various golf experiences and how you can enjoy the best golf deals, getting the most value for your money. With tour locations spread across Sydney, Melbourne, the Hunter Valley, the Gold Coast and beyond, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your next holiday with family and friends. 

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