6 Compelling Reasons to Book Golf Holidays for this Summer

Sweeping sunlight, clear skies, glimmering backdrops – yes, summer is on the horizon once more, and with it comes the irresistible allure of the luscious fairways and crisp-cut greens. 

For enthusiasts of the sport, golf holidays represent the perfect opportunity to not only take a well-earned break from your daily routine, but do so with a truly sublime fusion of passion and relaxation. Golf getaways have long been the go-to option for those looking to experience some of the best golf courses across Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and wider Australia, with all additional needs like accommodation and dining covered in stay-and-play packages, while still having access to the nearby attractions.

Fairway Golf Tours is your premier partner in crafting these exquisite summer escapades, offering a full selection of golf experiences that are as diverse and captivating as the Australian landscape itself. In this piece, we explore some of the best reasons to book golf holidays for this coming summer.

Booking Golf Holidays Reason #1: Unmatched Convenience

Embarking on a golf holiday should be as smooth as a well-executed swing. With Fairway Golf Tours, providing our clients with top-tier convenience is the cornerstone of our offerings. Our meticulously designed stay-and-play packages are the epitome of ease. 

We can arrange all your accommodations and tee times well in advance, ensuring your sole focus remains on savouring your time out on the courses, dining at nearby restaurants and eateries, and enjoying the surrounding attractions. 

Say farewell to last-minute scrambles and long, tedious lines; your seamless experience begins the moment you choose golf experiences with Fairway Golf Tours.

Booking Golf Holidays Reason #2: Affordability

Golf holidays create getaways that mix both affordability and luxury. In the past, if you wanted to explore the best Victorian golf courses, or make your way through the many historic clubs in Sydney and wider NSW, you would not only have to pay each different course entry fee, but also for the array of accommodation, travel and wider logistical costs involved in getting there. 

Fairway Golf Tours presents packages that are as economical as they are extravagant. When elements of your vacation are bundled into singular golf day packages, you can enjoy significant savings without compromising on the experiences within. Moreover, with more resources at your disposal, every trip becomes an opportunity to indulge in additional delights, making your golf getaway a treasure trove of memories and experiences.

Booking Golf Holidays Reason #3: Flexibility

Life is unpredictable, and plans can shift like sands in the bunker. We recognise this, which is why at Fairway Golf Tours, we infuse a sense of flexibility into our golf packages. Whether it’s a change in schedule or an unexpected event, modifications to your package are not just simple but also devoid of penalties. This level of adaptability is rare, making our golf holidays not just desirable but also sensible for the discerning traveller.

Booking Golf Holidays Reason #4: Diverse & Customisable Golf Experiences

From the sun-kissed coasts offering tantalising seaside golfing to the sophisticated fusion of golf and wine culture, every tour is a unique narrative. The best Victorian, New South Wales, Queensland and greater Australian golf courses unfold before you, each with a distinct character and challenge, beckoning you to immerse in their beauty and complexity.

Each of our golf holidays are fully customisable to ensure you have the best experience possible, including escorted tours to truly discover the most out of each destination. Whether it’s a tranquil retreat or an adrenaline-fueled adventure on the greens, your wish is the blueprint for your holiday.

Booking Golf Holidays Reason #5: Exclusive Access

Exclusive access is not merely about entry; it’s about entering a world that’s meticulously curated for excellence. With golf day packages from Fairway Golf Tours, you can gain access to the crème de la crème of golf courses in Australia, including the best golf courses in Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast and beyond. 

Our signature Fairway Tours are not just trips; they are experiences, escorted and crafted with precision, offering you a canvas of golfing that’s unparalleled and unmatched.

Booking Golf Holidays Reason #6: Unforgettable Memories

At the end of the day, golf holidays are a perfect way to build lifelong summer memories. With access to Australia’s leading courses, each day unfolds as a unique adventure on the greens, underpinned by our commitment to hospitality and excellence. From the first drive to the last putt, every moment is crafted for delight, making your golf experience a masterpiece of memories and joy.

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