Zepp 2 3D Swing Analyser – Review

I was asked to test this product for a friend of mine who was bringing this “new” swing analyser to Australia. As always I was little skeptical of this new training aid, so I headed down to the driving range to hit some balls with the Zepp 2.

The device is really light weight and clips onto your glove with ease. I downloaded the free app on my IPhone, registered my details and I was all set.

Within 3 shots at the range I was HOOKED! Damn this thing is good. Let me tell you about some of the cool features

It measures your key swing metrics including club plane, hand plane, club speed, hand speed, hip rotation, tempo and back swing length. Every time you swing you are given instant feedback on these metrics along with a 3D swing analysis . Really cool stuff…

Now if you’re like me and enjoy your golf but don’t understand how “swing plane” or “back swing length” effects your swing don’t worry. Within the app you can watch a video on each metric. Mr Zepp (the pro on the videos) will explain what each number means and guides you to what your number SHOULD look like.

So to give you an idea, I had my first swing and my swing plane was +14. Ok, so what the hell does that mean? After watching the overview video I worked out that I was coming over the top of the ball rather than under plane and I had to work on getting my swing to 0 or as low as -10. Now this is where the app gets REALLY COOL.

Based on YOUR swing metrics Zepp 2 will recommend a training plan to help you improve your golf swing. As I was coming over the top, I watched a lesson planv on the app that gave me a drill on how to improve. Within 20 balls at the range my swing plane went from +14 to +4 and I was absolutely flushing some of my irons.

There are plenty of videos to keep your game developing (over 50 videos) which range from drills on tempo and swing plane to drills on how to improve core strength and flexibility.

There is also a smart coach function which will analyse 3 of your swings and based on those swings will recommend you a training plan! So good…

All instructional videos are either done by Keegan Bradley, Michelle Wei (PGA and LPGA players) OR the resident Zepp pro’s. They are easy to understand and you can take the drills straight to the range and work on your game.

Why I like the product?

During a lesson with my pro David Northy at Castle Hill Country Club, we were specifically working on back swing length. In summary, I was swinging the club to long (around 280 degrees). When I went to the range to practice I couldn’t tell if I was swinging long or short without someone taking a video of my swing. With the Zepp 2 I can get this feedback IMMEDIATELY with the data and also the 3D swing analysis which is great. Practice doesn’t make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect and I think with the Zepp 2 you practice perfectly

What are some of the negatives?

There aren’t too many negatives. One of the issues is that syncing your phone and calibrating the Zepp 2 can be quite cumbersome. It took me around 2 minutes to calibrate my Zepp 2 the first time I used it.

The Zepp 2 doesn’t measure shot distance or angle of attack however with the price point of $249 you can’t measure all the metrics!


The Zepp 2 is a really good training aid and assists with your practice at the range. There are plenty of great instructional videos on the app (which is free) and tailors specific training plans to your swing.

The data is easy to understand once you watch the overview of each metric and the 3D swing analysis gives you an instant understanding of your golf swing.

I’m not much of a training aid person but the Zepp 2 is a really good product that can help your golf game.

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