Simple Golf Putting Tips & Techniques for Seniors

Putting makes up about 43% of your total strokes per round – and this covers both your good putting days, as well as the ones you would like to forget! Naturally, the lower this percentage goes, the lower your tally drops. That’s why, regardless of skill level, golf putting techniques are the most sought-after advice among players.

If you’re looking for putting tips for senior golfers, here are seven our team at Fairway Golf Tours have made that are simple for you to follow and see an immediate benefit from. We also recommend allowing a third of your practice time to improve your putter game.

Keep your eyes directly on the golf ball’s top surface.

As you fix your gaze over the top of the golf ball, you develop a pendulum-style stroke. It then allows the putter to swing back and forth in a straight line through the ball. With this stroke, you gain consistency in accuracy and distance control.

The larger shoulder muscles control the putter, enabling easier control over the length of the swing. At the same time, the putter face maintains a steady point to the target through the hitting area.

To achieve this gaze, follow these steps:

  1. Align two parallel clubs to point at the target with a distance of about a putter’s ahead.
  2. Stand close to the ball.
  3. Lower your hands and bend your hips until your eyes are level between the two clubs and over the golf ball – you can even double-check if you have an old CD available, and place it below the ball, shiny side up!
  4. With the golf ball in the middle, position yourself until you can see your eyes’ reflection on the CD.
  5. Manoeuvre your posture and distance until you get the proper position.

While hitting a few puts in this method, remember to avoid hitting the two clubs as you swing backward and forward.

Keep up the position of your head.

This is one of the putting tips for senior golfers that is often overlooked. With your line of sight fixed, you can now mind the next drill, which is your head’s position. It would be best to keep your head fixed and in the proper position, as this will encourage your steadiness in delivering a skilful putt.

Otherwise, moving your head as you hit will move the putter head from the line. It’s what results in irregularity and inconsistency.

Hold the hands still as you do the stroke.

One common mistake among golfers is how they use their wrists when putting. Doing this causes a flicking action that causes the clubface to lose control. The clubface might be open or closed during impact due to the control loss, producing off-line putts.

Keep your wrists still throughout your putting stroke by following these golf putting techniques:

  1. Grip the putter three inches lower than your average hold.
  2. Position an extra golf ball between your top writs and your grip. Ensure the ball’s position in the crease of the wrist.
  3. Swing the putter from your shoulders and aim while keeping your wrists as tight as possible.

With properly still wrists, the ball must hold tight throughout the motion. Otherwise, the ball will fall due to the incorrect position.

Be consistent.

This tip is one of the most important among putting tips for seniors. Only spending a couple of hours to practice these steps will not improve your putting skills; consistency will. You might also want to study your inclinations – for example, do you putt better in the morning or afternoon? Do different putters improve your handling and performance? Experiment and see what you discover!

Remember to have fun.

Last but not least of our putting tips for senior golfers, don’t forget to have fun! With regular practice, you will surely gain significant improvement, but if you don’t enjoy the journey getting there, then what’s the point? Golf can be a wonderful way to socialise with friends, get some physical activity, or spoil a perfectly fine day, if you let it.

Explore Fairway Golf Tours to Place These Simple Putting Tips to the Test

Be consistent in practising and applying these putting tips for senior golfers, and you’re well on your way to becoming a better putter. You can go from playing with friends to joining official matches, driven by the new confidence from mastering these golf putting techniques.

Double the fun when you play on a picturesque Melbourne golf tour. With Fairway Golf Tours, you can customise golf packages that suit your budget and comfort. For more information, please contact us today by completing our simple online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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