Golf Trip Packages: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Tour Company

Golf travel is a highly specialised holiday experience encompassing everything from exciting trip packages to attractive play-and-stay deals. But how can you find the best golf tour companies to ensure you enjoy the greatest value for your money?  

We have spent years refining our approach to accommodation and golf packages, deals, and more at Fairway Golf Tours. So, if you are ready to start looking for the ideal weekend golf getaway, here are our five top tips to help you choose the right golf tour companies. 

1. Look for Experienced Companies 

The first thing to look for when choosing between golf tour companies? Experience. After all, finding the right resort or play-and-stay packages can be tricky if you do not know what to look for. The added confidence of planning with experienced industry professionals is invaluable for any traveller. 

For example, our specialist team at Fairway Golf Tours are experienced in working with our clients to tailor golf trip packages and getaway deals to best suit their holiday needs without overreaching on budgets. 

Thanks to our intricate knowledge of the tour process, resort availability, and play-and-stay offerings, we can assist with everything from transfers to after-golf activities, ensuring that we deliver the best golfing trip for you. 

2. Superior Golf and Accommodation Packages 

Even if you find the perfect golf course and resort, the experience will not be as enjoyable if you have to start and end each day with disappointing accommodations. When researching various golf getaway deals for your weekend trip, pay close attention to the types of accommodation on offer and explore the different packages available to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. 

Our team at Fairway Golf Tours know how important finding suitable lodgings is to our clients, which is why we provide a mixture of choices in golf and accommodation packages, including the highest quality golf resort locations and five-star resorts. 

Whatever your preference, when you choose our Fairway Golf packages for your play-and-stay vacations, you can feel confident that you will love every minute both on and off the golf course.  

3. Access to a Variety of Courses 

They say that variety is the spice of life. Anyone who has experienced the joys and sense of achievement from tackling a series of uniquely challenging courses on a single weekend trip will know this to be true. 

Finding golf tour companies that offer packages with different, exceptional courses and locations is a great way to ensure you enjoy the best weekend golf getaway. 

Providing tours across Australia ensures that our Fairway Golf Tours clients experience the best on offer, while keeping things fresh and exciting. From the Hunter Valley to the Bellarine Peninsula, we have access to the ideal golf resort and accommodations to perfectly complement your golfing needs, wherever you plan to visit. 

4. Explore Available Itineraries & Trip Packages 

One of the most telling signs of quality golf companies is their availability of various golf trip packages and play-and-stay deals to develop a full and engaging itinerary over a golfing weekend. 

If you are presented with a detailed, locked-in itinerary, then chances are you will have little say in what happens on your tour. 

At Fairway Golf Tours, we are experts in providing custom-built packages to offer inspiration and exciting opportunities to our clients across Australia. All our play-and-stay packages are adaptable to suit your group’s needs, so take a look at any of our sample itineraries and begin planning the ultimate golf getaway. 

5. Look for Escorted Tours & Weekend Getaway Deals 

Escorted golf tours help create a sense of continuity while travelling thanks to the presence of a friendly and experienced professional who accompanies a group to each tour destination. 

Our escorted tours at Fairway Golf span locations across Australia to take advantage of spectacular resort vistas and world-class courses. Combined with fantastic accommodation deals and custom itineraries, these escorted trip packages are ideal for those looking to get out and explore Australia’s golfing landscape. 

Discover Our Best Golf Trip Packages & Deals at Fairway Golf Tours 

As one of Australia’s premier golf companies, we know how to guarantee the ultimate golfing experience, so why wait? Explore our range of exciting golf getaway deals for your next weekend away, or contact us at Fairway Golf Tours today to learn more. 

Email or submit an online enquiry, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you need to find the perfect play-and-stay deals and packages for your group. 

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