The Best Golf Packages for Beginners: A Guide to a Memorable Golfing Experience

Have you recently taken your first steps into the world of golf and are eager to find the best golf packages for beginners? With abundant stay-and-play golf club packages and holiday options available, even the most seasoned pros can find it challenging to decide where to start. 

That’s where Fairway Golf Tours comes in, offering some of the best golf packages specifically designed for newcomers to the game. Read on to discover the right option for you and your playing group, as well as some tips on how to make the right selection.

Why Should Beginners Consider Weekend and Holiday Golf Packages?

We all know golf isn’t merely a game. 

When you step out onto those greens and fairways, you find yourself amongst a unique combination of sport, social interaction, and mental stimulation. After spending your weeks trapped in office cubicles or on worksites, out on these courses, you can find an all-around enjoyable and rewarding escape. 

Sure, for beginners, a golf course’s vast, open expanse can feel intimidating, but that’s why golf packages, particularly ‘stay and play’ golf packages, are designed to take the edge off. They allow you to take some time away and immerse yourself in an all-encompassing solution, often catering to the needs of beginners with the necessary equipment, coaching, and facilities to hone their skills over an extended period. 

Rather than trying to get your fill on a short weekend golf session, you can find everything from professional training to comfortable accommodation, ensuring beginners can focus solely on improving their game while still revelling in the spoils of a much-needed holiday!

Top Golf Locations for Beginners in Australia

Australia is world-renowned for its beautiful weather and picturesque, natural environments. It should be no surprise then that it also offers an abundance of top golf locations, each offering a unique playing experience. 

New South Wales, for example, houses some of the finest golf clubs on the planet, especially in Sydney and its surrounding regions, with several hosting the prestigious Australian Open for over a decade.

Victoria’s Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas also have some excellent beginner golf club packages. Just a two-hour drive from the Melbourne CBD, these regions hold an array of courses suitable for all skill levels. 

Moving away from the east coast and Western Australia’s Perth and Mandurah courses, as well as those throughout Adelaide, have their own distinct sense of charm, offering beginners a diverse range of golf holiday packages to choose from.

Key Features of a Beginner-Friendly Golf Holiday Package

When selecting a golf package, beginners should look for offerings that include:

  • Comprehensive Learning Opportunities: The best golf packages should include services or facilities that will equip you with essential golfing skills, such as professional coaching sessions to help you master and progress from the basics.
  • Golf and Accommodation Included: If you need some time away to focus on your game, or ‘stay-and-play’, so to speak, then golf and accommodation packages take the hassle out of planning, ensuring you have a relaxing place to call home near the course.
  • Golf Gift Packages: Seeking to inspire a friend or loved one to take up golf? Why not consider turning your options into some golf gift packages? They make perfect presents that offer more than just the game, but also time away with friends or family.
  • Short-Term Commitment Options: For beginners not ready for a long-term commitment, weekend golf packages can be an ideal choice. You get a taste of the golfing experience over a shorter, refined period.
  • Customisable Packages: Look for golf club packages offering some level of customisation. These can cater to your specific needs and preferences, providing a more personalised experience.

The Best Golf Packages for Beginners Offered by Fairway Golf Tours

At Fairway Golf Tours, we pride ourselves on our selection of beginner-friendly golf packages available across Australia. Each of our packages offers a unique blend of high-quality golfing facilities, professional coaching, and beautiful scenery throughout:

New South Wales:


Western Australia:

South Australia

We also have a selection of custom golf tours available with stay-and-play packages to help you build the perfect golfing holiday away. 

For more information, please contact us at Fairway Golf Tours today.

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