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Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner on the greens, mastering the art of putting is a core component for lowering your score and enhancing your overall game.

In this article, our experts at Fairway Golf Tours will walk you through six essential aspects of golf putting, from establishing a reliable routine to managing the nuances of your backswing. Get ready to dive into detailed strategies that can transform your putting game, complete with insights and techniques for optimal performance.

1. Establish Your Golf Putting Routine

Whether you’re mere centimetres from the hole itself, or having to play a far more difficult shot from the edge of the green, you need to establish a consistent routine for putting.

Golf putting is completely different from driving or using irons, so your routine needs to reflect that. It could be as straightforward as surveying the hole from behind before lining up your shot, or you might prefer to circle the entire hole for a comprehensive view. Some players like to practice with a one-handed stroke before the actual putt.

Feel free to tweak elements of your routine as you progress.

A consistent routine trains your brain to standardise your putting stroke, placing your feet, hips, shoulders, and wider posture in the correct position for optimal output. It may also help to focus more on the hole or the target rather than the ball itself. Many golfers fall into the trap of fixating on the ball, missing the importance of concentrating on where they want it to go.

2. Learn How to Read the Green

From the fairway to the green itself, you will rarely find a golf course that offers you a nice, flat surface to play on.

Learning how to read elevations, slopes, and even the length of the grass on the green effectively takes time, but it is arguably one of the most important aspects of golf putting.

The journey from ball to hole involves more than just that direct space, after all.

Ask yourself:

  • Does it slope from back to front?
  • Is one side higher than the other?
  • Are there multiple tiers?

Understanding these features influences the ball’s roll and enhances your stroke strategy.

For those who regularly play on the same courses, it’s beneficial to challenge yourself and try something new. Stay-and-play golf packages across Australia are excellent for this, as you can combine a much-needed holiday with discovering new golf courses in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and beyond!

3. Become Centred with Your Golf Putting

Your putter may have a wide face spanning several inches, but achieving the cleanest roll requires hitting the ball right in the centre. You can conduct a simple experiment to understand its effect.

Grasp your putter lightly with your left hand, holding it about halfway or three-quarters up the shaft. Keep it vertical and lightly suspended in front of you.

With a tee in your right hand, lightly tap the putter’s toe. You’ll notice the putter head swaying back and forth. Progressively tap along the face towards the centre. Observe how the movement in the putter head significantly reduces as you reach the middle.

Doing this will demonstrate the importance of centre-face strikes. When there’s less twisting in the putter head, the ball is likelier to stay and finish on the intended line, enhancing accuracy and consistency.

4. Get a Grip on Your Putting Stroke

Your hand placement on the putter grip plays a key role in stabilising the club, impacting your capacity to achieve a square face upon impact.

There are several ways to grip a putter, so you need to choose a grip that feels the most natural and coordinated for you.

For a basic approach, consider the design of the grip itself. Most putter grips feature a flat top; position your thumbs along this flat area. Since the putter is designed with a more upright stance, it should be held primarily in your palms rather than the fingers, as with other clubs. This helps to minimise excess wrist movement.

5. Wait Until You’re Finished Putting Before Reviewing Your Shot

After achieving a square clubface setup, it’s crucial to maintain a still body while your arms swing. This might seem easy, yet it can be quite challenging, especially since many golfers are focused on outcomes and tend to glance prematurely to track the putt’s trajectory.

Observe top-tier putters in action to notice how they maintain stability in their lower body and head during their stroke. Keep your head down until the putter connects with the ball’s back. Allow the stroke to finish entirely before looking up to follow the ball’s path.

6. Limit Your Backswing When Putting

The length of your backstroke determines the distance your putt will travel. A minimal backstroke is sufficient for shorter putts. By adjusting the backstroke to the appropriate length for each putt, the force applied will naturally vary. An excessively long backstroke can lead to your body instinctively slowing down the stroke, making it hard to maintain consistent timing. This deceleration can also destabilise your putter face.

Why Consider Stay-and-Play Golf Packages Across Australia to Improve Your Game?

Stay-and-play golf packages in Australia are a brilliant strategy for any golfer looking to elevate their performance off the tee, on the fairway, and the green.

Venturing beyond your local golf course to experience the diverse challenges of Adelaide golf courses, the vibrant golf scene in Melbourne, or the exciting atmosphere of top golf spots in Sydney will expose you to new challenges, adjusting your skillset accordingly.

At Fairway Golf Tours, we offer a host of stay-and-play golf packages and voucher options across Australia, including:

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Each allows golfers of all levels to immerse themselves in new environments while practising and improving. Whether it’s the picturesque landscapes of golf courses in Adelaide or the buzzing energy of Melbourne’s greens, each location offers unique insights and challenges. For more information, please contact our friendly team today!

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